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Goodpick A circle of Trust is a community of leaders to facilitate exchange of ideas, skills and connects for net positive outcomes.

Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise which you already possess in abundance but rather an understanding of what investors.

Being an Integrated Software, Borg facilitates various login interfaces like for Master Admin, Admin, Employee, Channels, Distributors & off course customers. Based on day-to-day data captured by Borg from all login interfaces, Borg manages processes, optimize business automatically followed by providing valuable & critical Insights for company's decision maker.

Being a cloud software, Borg Suite is reachable to you round the clock from everywhere that is why it provides greater flexibility to work & monitor regardless of location & office timings.

Borg Suite provides a Master User ID & Password to authorized person of the company.  Borg Suite shall be accessible to all Pcs/laptops wherein Internet connectivity is available to login to the account to work or monitor /supervise.

CXOs, Employee, Customers, Distributors etc can login to access their personal dashboard to work or supervise team performance from anywhere through the internet enabled device like PC, Laptop or Tab / mobile.

Borg Suite facilitates enterprise sales team to get quotation prepared based on requirement of prospects in few seconds & can be either mailed to the registered email of prospects directly from Borg Suite or can be saved, or printed with single click.

Generated quote remains stored in the Borg Suite as historical information which can be reproduced immediately when required.

To prepared new Quote: Login to Borg Suite -------- > Go to “Sales & Marketing” -------  > Click on “Manage Quotation” in the side bar menu --------- > Select quotation type  -------- Select Lead whom quote to be prepared”  -------- > Click on “Generate Quote”.